Looks like Apple's 'next big thing' will bore you to tears

Remember that stealthy iPhone 4.0 event we told you about? Well, it's tomorrow, and Peter Kafka at AllThingsD says the iPhone isn't the only thing the company will be yammerin' about, according to "sources familiar with the company's plans." What could it be? A new look for the iPods? Projectors for the MacBooks?

Nope. The company is expected to unveil a mobile ad platform that could allow it to embed ads within apps, locking horns with Google in the emerging market.

Exciting, right? Before your eyes glaze over completely, get this: the company is rumored to have come up with the name "iAd." Despite Apple's penchant for sticking to its cute naming convention (which, frankly, iAd is stretching too far), we're going to go ahead and guess — nay, pray — that the company doesn't make this one an iSore.

Apparently, Apple's interest in mobile advertising can be tracked back as far as January, when the company purchased Quattro Wireless, which was working on embedding ads into apps. Apple would be able to offer advertisers an alternative to Google's AdWords package, which includes mobile ads.

Rather than be worried about it, Google is over the moon, according to Kafka:

Why would Google applaud the entrance of a new advertising rival? Because Google is trying to convince federal regulators that it has advertising rivals so that it can proceed with its $750 million purchase of AdMob. That deal is being held up for review by the Federal Trade Commission, and there have been consistent murmurs from Washington that the purchase could be in jeopardy.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow for all the details on what Steve Jobs is calling "revolutionary" and "our next big thing," but I can't say I'm all that excited. Not as excited as Google, at least. Are you?

AllThingsD, via Fast Company