Leap from a 1,149-foot tower and live to tell the tale

What do you do if you own a 1,149-foot-tall tower attached to one of the crappiest hotels on the Las Vegas strip? Attract worldwide attention by convincing people to jump off the top, and call it a "ride!" The top of the Stratosphere Hotel tower is already well known for its three horrifying thrill rides, and now it adds SkyJump to the mix, letting adventurous crazies pay $100 to plummet 855 feet in a controlled freefall, attached to three steel cables as they jump into the ether.

Those brave souls won't be allowed to reach terminal velocity, though — those cables limit their descent speed to 40mph — but it's still going to take boatloads of courage to step off the edge at that dizzying altitude. If you have no idea how to jump from such a high height, there's a 15-minute training session that will show you exactly how it's done.

I've been up there riding Big Shot that does the opposite, accelerating me 160 feet into the air in a matter of seconds (and partially discombobulating my guts, which required a doctor's visit), and I'm here to tell you, that is one tall, scary place. Asking the doctor what I should do about my aching belly, his quick answer was, "Don't go back on top of the Stratosphere." I hear and obey, doc.

SkyJump, via OhGizmo