New salt crystals: Chips taste the same with 25% less sodium

Brilliant chemists have figured out how to change the shape of salt crystals, making all that junk food we love taste just as salty, even with 25% less sodium. Researchers discovered that only about 20% of the salt has enough time to dissolve in your mouth where you can taste it, with the rest dissolving in your digestive tract, where you can't. The new salt will dissolve quicker, delivering more taste.

About a year from now, Lay's will be cranking out chips laden with these newly restructured salt crystals, somehow convincing us that a product that consists of 50% fat is somehow "healthier." But hey, Lays says "there's no impact on taste." Cool, but this reduced-salt product is going to be difficult to sell. Our suggestion: Call it SuperSalt®, offer an "extra salty" variety, and sell this stuff as a standalone product for salt shakers everywhere.

Via OhGizmo