Ladies and gentleman, your ThinkGeek April Fool's lineup is right here

Those of you who were woken up by a sibling or roommate screaming bloody murder and following up with "April Fools!" are keenly aware of what today is. For the rest of you? Well, you may be close to tears when you find out that ThinkGeek's "My First Bacon" is, in fact, an awesome gag.

The Geek pranksters are up to their annual shenanigans, with products that make you cringe — look no further than this canned unicorn meat — and others that'll have you giggling all day (such as this Monolith action figure). Our favorites, though, are definitely the iPad arcade cabinet (if only!) and the Tribbles 'n' Bits breakfast cereal.

Also on the roster:

• A Dharma Initiative alarm clock for fans of Lost
• The spying cyborg teddy bear for disturbed parents
• The programmable tattoo system for the indecisive
• A screaming chef's knife for sadistic cooks.

Curiously, it looks as if this shirt really is free if you add more than $15 to your shopping cart. ThinkGeek has gone ahead and made it easier on themselves by adding a link you can click (after you've been fooled) to ask for an item to be made into a real product — something that ThinkGeek has done a few times after users sent in a deluge of requests.

Keep a weather eye out, my friends. The Internet is filled with more April Fool's Day landmines all over the place. For instance, YouTube isn't really rending videos in "text-only mode" and Google's name isn't really changing to Topeka.

Via ThinkGeek