Is this a phone or a Star Trek communicator?

All you need is that little chirping sound effect, and this N933 smartphone might be able to pass as a Star Trek communicator. Closed, it looks pretty much like a typical cellphone, but when you flip it open it reveals a touchscreen that looks a lot like somebody borrowed a few ideas from that mega-manufacturer from Cupertino.

Oops. Here come the lawyers, from two sides. We're just wondering — if this cellphone's maker was already stealing ideas, why not just make this little trinket look exactly like a Star Trek communicator?

Unfortunately, this semi-creative cellphone design comes to us courtesy of a no-name manufacturer in China, and uses the GSM 900/1800 band that doesn't work in the United States or Canada. If you have that kind of service where you live, a suspiciously low $126 price ($231 retail) would be your cost of entry. Otherwise, beam me up, Scotty.

China Grabber, via Technabob