Hey, artists! Simple DIY soft stylus works with the iPad or iPhone

Why would you ever want to use a stylus on the iPad or iPhone, you ask? Well, maybe you're tired of all those fingerprints, or maybe you want to take advantage of one of the many illustration and art apps the App Store offers, but you don't like finger painting. Either way, you'll be happy to know that creating a soft stylus is easy, and only takes a pencil, an anti-static sock and some patience, according to Adam Kumpf.

"As much as we all love finger painting, drawing is often more precise and comfortable when using a marking tool," Kumpf wrote, explaining the soft stylus. "Current iPhone and iPad drawing tools fall into two camps: foil sticks and wet wands," he added, noting that the former is hard and requires the user to write at very specific angles. Wet wants, he continued, "work well for a while, but either need to be frequently rehydrated or start to go bad."

His solution is simple, and does away with the shortcomings of both. You can see step-by-step directions here, or check it out in the video below.

dsLabs, via MAKE