Rear-view helmet gives bikers a third eye

Now you can have eyes in the back of your head with the Reevu MSX1, a motorcycle helmet with a built-in rearview mirror. The ingenious brain bucket's rear-view system is all optical, letting you see what's happening behind you with a quick glance just above your field of vision. Besides that unique mirror trick, the reviewers at webBikeWorld say the MSX1's a high-quality helmet that's "built like a tank."

It's great to see this product has made it out of the design concept stage and into the real world, selling for $384. We're thinking all motorcycle helmets should be built this way, giving vulnerable bikers an additional look at what's going on behind them. Heck, it might even be good for playing football. Here's a video showing the inner workings of this innovation that could actually save lives:

Reevu, via WebBikeWorld