Check out this 3D pic of the moon, no glasses required

Toss those crappy, uncomfortable and expensive 3D glasses! All you have to do is get yourself halfway cross-eyed and these heavenly bodies will suddenly appear to pop out at you with a surprising amount of depth. Straight out of the Magic Eye stereogram craze of the '90s, now the phenomenon skips over all that tiresome modern 3D paraphernalia and takes you far, far away into deep space.

Go ahead, try it. To see these pics in 3D, let your eyes slightly cross, and then move your head closer to or away from the screen. You'll get a cheap thrill when the image suddenly locks on, appearing in all its 3D glory. Check out the gallery, with even larger and more thrilling images. Careful, though — stare too long, and those crossed eyes might just stay that way (not really).

Via Telegraph