Futuristic Coke bottle design might be way too edgy

Today's plastic Coke bottles are precariously stacked and take up too much room once they're empty, so designer Andrew Kim decided to fix all that with this squared-off Coca-Cola bottle concept. Not only can the space-saving containers be stacked and packed against each other horizontally, but they can be stacked vertically with each bottle's top fitting into the bottom of the container above.

The designer kindly decided to offset the opening, giving you a "more comfortable drinking position." And when you're finished with your ice cold Coke, the container collapses like an accordion to a size that's 66% smaller.

Could this be the Coke bottle of the future? While the designer did add a sculpted curve as an homage to Coke's age-old contour bottle, we'd anticipate a cultural groundswell against changing the iconic soda container too much. But don't these look cool? If it were up to us, we'd give this design a big thumbs-up, especially if it were self-chilled.

Via Toxel