Ford first to seamlessly integrate Pandora into a car stereo

Pandora Internet radio has just about taken over our musical lives, and now Ford has figured out the best way yet to integrate it into a car. Starting with the 2011 Ford Fiesta, if you have an Android or BlackBerry smartphone, you can tightly integrate the beloved Internet music service into your car's stereo system.

Hey, this is cool. Ford's SYNC lets you select Pandora stations with voice control, jump to the next song or give a song the thumbs up or thumbs down. Because we're not completely impressed with voice control inside a noisy vehicle, our favorite part of this trick is the steering-wheel-mounted controls for such functions. Notice how the vehicle is not moving as the guy in the video operates Pandora via voice command.

Along with Pandora, the other two mobile apps enabled by Ford's downloadable SYNC Applink system will be Stitcher Smart Radio and Twitter client OpenBeak. This sure does look a lot easier and safer than fiddling with a cellphone while you're driving. Now all Ford has to do to get our thumbs-up approval is make friends with Apple so iPhone integration can also be included.

UPDATE: Now Ford's telling us, "On vehicles next year, the SYNC Applink will provide interoperability with iPhone." Hooray!

Ford SYNC, via The Gadgeteer