Elegant floating power plant to crank out 50 gigawatts per year

Here's an attractive solution to the problem of gathering energy offshore: Harness both wind and wave power at the same time. A company named Floating Power Plant plans to build Poseidon 37, a 754-foot-long floating power generation station that can output 50 gigawatts of wave and wind power each year.

Great timing. Just yesterday, the U.S. Government approved the country's first offshore wind farm, to the consternation of numerous environmentalists. Even though Poseidon 37 is so beautifully designed it looks like it could have been dreamed up by Jonathan Ive, it still might be considered an eyesore by purists.

Isn't it odd, though, that potentially exploding and oil-leaking offshore rigs are lurking offshore all over the place, but we're just now getting around to installing a clean source of energy like this? And the environmentalists don't like this, either?

Via Inhabitat