DVICE is the FIRST tech blog with an iPad app

If you have an iPhone and enjoy DVICE, you probably already know there's a DVICE app for the iPhone. But what about iPad owners? Well, the app has been completely revamped for your shiny new tablet. Just take a look at the screencaps in the gallery below: Not only does the interface work more like the iPad's email reader — so you can see recent headlines and the story you've selected at the same time — but you can also browse stories by their photos. Sweet.

We're happy to provide our stories in a way that's formatted specifically for this exciting new platform. And we're even happier to be the first tech blog out of the gate with a reader app specific for the iPad. (Frickin' EAT it, Gizmodo, you iPhone-scoop-getting losers!) We're still working on polishing a few things (like integrating comments) for the next version, but the DVICE iPad app is available now for the tidy sum of $0.00.

DVICE iPad App