Dumb idea of the week: Sticking a cupholder to your pants

Do you value function over form? Are you willing to look like an idiot if it means making your life a little bit more convenient? If so, the Drinkclip was designed with you in mind. You see, it's a cupholder that attaches to your belt. Yep.

To be fair, it can also clip onto the side of a table, but you've got to wonder why the hell a table needs a cupholder. It's a table! Just put your cup on the table! What kind of table are you using that you need this?

So it seems like this product has two functions: to let you carry around a can of soda without using your hands while also making you look stupid, and to add cupholders to the piece of furniture that perhaps needs cupholders the least in the entire world. No thank you, Drinkclip.

DrinkClip, via Book of Joe