Sony, pay attention: clamshell camera solves one big problem

Ever worry about scratching your camera's LCD screen when you slide it in your pocket? Do you wish it simply fit better in your pocket, besides? Well, Korean designers Sun ho Sin and Jeong eun Park have rethought the shape of the digital camera to alleviate those LCD worries, adopting a clamshell form factor that'll better protect your display from wear and tear.

Called the Zero Angle, you can see how it works in the image above: all folded up, your LCD is snug against the front of your camera, mounted on a tray that swings around to the back, where you can view the screen. Thanks to its shape, the whole thing fits better in your pocket.

It's high time someone rethought the shape of pocket-friendly, cheap digital cameras. Several of them are already close to the Zero Angle in shape, but it's the folding form that's so attractive about this conceptual cellphone. Now, we'll have to wait and see if cellphone makers like the idea, too.

Via Yanko Design