62-pound toy excavator works just like the real thing

If you've watched a master excavator operator at work, you'll immediately recognize the realism of this remarkable $4,500 radio-controlled toy. The 1:14.5 scale EC280 MG is powered by four rechargeable NiMH batteries, driving six motorized proportional axles, all operated by an eight-channel proportional radio controller. The result of all that gadgetry? Enough power to dig up your mom's rose garden in a few easy scoops.

It's remarkable someone would go to the trouble of creating such a detailed replica of the heavy iron that digs the big holes in the world these days. We're wondering how many buyers will be willing to part with the $4,500 to own one.

That 62-pound weight seems excessive, doesn't it? Not really — considering a typical Cat 325C excavator weighs around 32 tons, this baby's 62-pound weight is relatively light.

Here's a video showing the realistic operation of this hulking toy, perhaps the most expensive non-flying radio-controlled device ever built:

Hobby Media, via Uber Review