Cyborg messenger dog will save you after an earthquake

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design student Laura Boffi and a team of her peers have come up with a high-tech collar for rescue hounds. With it, the dogs would be able to search for survivors, tag the location of where people are found, and even take a message back to loved ones in the meantime.

"In those very first hours of fear and displacement," Boffi writes on her Vimeo page, "people may just want to send a message to their beloved ones only saying that they are alive and safe, hoping the same for them as well."

"Messanger Dogs wear a particular uniform to identify them, equipped with a device that can record messages, store geolocation of where each message was taken and the time as well," she adds.

To help make it easy to use, the dogs only need to be trained to sit in front of people they find. An accelerometer in the collar activates the device when it registers the dog sitting, and anyone found can get going recording a video or typing out some text.

See Boffi's Messenger Dog system in the video below.

Vimeo, via The Raw Feed