Cybook Opus tries to dazzle with new colors, but it's all about the screen

You may only know about the Kindle and the Nook, but Bookeen is trying to give you another reason to look its way when it releases a major update to its Cybook Opus come May 7th. The company is really building on the fact that its e-reader uses "the very latest E-Ink electronic ink technology." What does that mean for the device? Well, an always-on screen that will have you reading fast, as well as a font size that goes up to twelve, which Bookeen claims is a unique features in the world of e-readers.

The Cybook Opus has always boasted a crisp screen, and the 800-by-600 pixel, what-we-assume-is 200dpi screen on the new model should be no different. Besides all that, it's only got a gig of memory (though luckily books are small), is compatible with "most major online booksellers" and can last over two weeks on a single charge of its battery.

Oh yeah, it'll also get seven different colors instead of the boring ol' Apple-white it first came in. Really, though, do the colors matter?

Look for the Cybook Opus on May 7th, when it'll debut for somewhere around $230 (as it'll be £149 in Europe) and come with 150 books for free. Unless you're the meticulous used-book-buyin' sort who only buys books for a dollar, that almost pays for itself.

Via Engadget