Cordless motion-activated light goes anywhere, scares crooks

That dark front door of yours is so gloomy at night, you never know what's going to jump out and grab you. Here's an easy way to fix that: Let there be light. This six-inch fixture is easy to place just about anywhere, and has a rotating head that lets you point its light wherever you need it. Just use the included mounting plate to attach it, and make sure it's secure because it's so cool, those bad guys might want to pluck it off the wall and take it with them.

When it detects motion, its light stays on for 30 seconds, so unless this thing turns itself on at the drop of a rustling leaf, it might be able to curse the darkness for years. It shows yet another benefit of highly efficient LEDs, using so little power they can provide about 150 hours of illumination on four C batteries. Try that with an incandescent bulb.

Via Hammacher Schlemmer