Community Transit zips each commuter around in a private pod

One reason people love their cars so much is because of the privacy of being swaddled in their own little enclosed cocoon. Designer Dave Owsen applies that privacy to a public transportation system with "Community Transit," a design concept that works like a ski lift with private "cells" attached.

Each cell accommodates about the same number of people as a really small car, and is equipped with a touchscreen interface where you program the pod to go wherever you want. Other clever ideas are solar power-collecting windows, and a dual-rail design that lets you travel directly to your destination without needing to stop at every station.

How futuristic! Sounds great, but once you see the price tag, you might quickly realize you would have gotten the same benefit by buying every single commuter his own personal limousine, complete with a full-time driver. Eh. We'd rather have a flying car.

Via The Design Blog