Call me when this ultrasonic cat deterrent fires death beams instead

Cats have had it way too easy for far too long. Making you clean their litter boxes. Ruining your furniture. Demanding high-tech kitty fountains. Okay, okay, maybe only the most pompous feline wants a kitty fountain, but you get the point. It's time to fight back.

The Contech CatStop ultrasonic outdoor cat deterrent will keep unwanted cats out of your trash, backyard or just simply off your damn lawn. It's got a motion sensor that, when tripped, will set off a two-second alarm that only cats and the like will be able to hear (read: humans won't be able to). In theory, that'll keep them at bay.

Is it really enough, though? Cats are cunning beasts. Seems to me you'd need a bunch of these or, like, one that fires rockets. These cat hatin' sensors cost $50 a pop.

Amazon, via OhGizmo!