Baby's first cubicle: $2,600 workstation for tykes

This monstrosity of garish plastic is the Young Explorer workstation by Little Tikes, and it costs more than your home computer. Why? Well, uh... Hey, look over there!

Now that you're good and distracted, we can get back to the Young Explorer. It's got a 160GB hard drive your child won't be able to figure out how to fill, a roomy 19-inch screen and even an Internet connection. See that big bulge in the back? That's where the computer goes, and the workstation even has blinder-like side-wings to improve productivity — just like a tiny cubicle!

To make it more kid-friendly, it has a special keyboard and mouse and a bunch of learning software pre-loaded. To make it less adult-friendly, it's $2,600. Computer education is important, sure, but this isn't the way, my friends. By the time your kid can take advantage of something like this, your home computer should suffice.

If you do end up buying this, though, drop us a line. I'd drive pretty far to shake the hand of the biggest sucker in the world.

Young Explorer, via 7Gadgets, via OhGizmo