Smartest thing said this week: Stop being scared of science

Would you eat something if you knew it was genetically engineered? Do you think you can get more sick from a vaccine than you will if you do nothing? Can science really solve the world's energy and medical woes? The New Yorker's Michael Specter, speaking at this year's TED conference (video posted yesterday), says yes, yes science can. He even went so far as to christen this age "the greatest time there's ever been on this planet."

We'll let Specter justify his view in the video below. What we do agree with is this: America really is faced by an "epidemic of fear" when it comes to science. We're so split on fundamental issues — stem cell research and global warming, for instance — and, no matter which side of those issues you stand on, that split is a hindrance to progress. Specter does an excellent job couching the idea of progress in reality, and breaks down why you shouldn't be so afraid by it.

TED, via Boing Boing