Architect turns cramped apartment into 24-room mansion

Apartments are so tiny in Hong Kong, architect Gary Chang had to figure out some way to deal with the problem. Using a series of ingeniously-designed moving walls, he turned his 344-square-foot abode into a veritable mansion. With a quick slide of a series of walls, he's transformed his tiny space into his choice of 24 different configurations.

As you can see in the video, the transformation is just about as easy as opening or closing a curtain. I could certainly do without the mirrored ceilings, which Chang thinks is a good way to hide their tracks on which the walls glide.

I admire the efficiency of his invention, but the whole cramped atmosphere makes me even more glad to be living in the wide open spaces. However, if I were forced to live in an apartment, it would be in this one.

Via Tech E. Blog