Adobe Premiere CS5 cuts through 4K files like pixelated butter

You've probably heard about Adobe's big rollout of its latest monster content creation suite, CS5. I just spent three months closely evaluating Premiere Pro CS5, and I can tell you first hand, its blistering speed is downright astonishing. I've tested it, and it works.

This $799 video-editing software ($299 upgrade, and the entire Master Collection is $2599) just made it a whole lot easier to edit super-high-rez clips such as those enormous 4K files coming out of the RED camcorder. You can thank Adobe's new Mercury Playback Engine for that. If you have one of NVIDIA's high-end Quadro FX graphics cards, the Mercury Playback Engine software does its magic using the graphics processing unit (GPU) inside those cards.

Just how much better is it? This 64-bit beast rendered my ultra-high-resolution RED camera test project in 3:42 (that's three minutes, 42 seconds), compared to the 12:25 it took without Mercury. Good lord. This changes everything for video editors, who've been frustrated by cumbersome playback and rendering of high-resolution video, even on the most powerful Macs and PCs in the world. There's a lot more to know about Adobe CS5 — take a look at the numerous new features on the Adobe site.

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