$10 million bunker shields billionaires from nukes, evildoers

We might all have to die when crazy rogue nations get their greasy paws on nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles. But not the superrich, no sir. They will be hunkered down along with 200 of their closest friends in their $10 million luxury bunker, a complete biosphere with plenty of grub, fresh water and enough power to fire up their 150-inch plasma displays.

Does this mean we're going back to the '50s, wallowing in that vacuous decade's bomb-shelter paranoia? Probably. But if you save the idle rich from disastrous conflagration, there won't be any peasants left to do all the work. Buried underground will the well-heeled sit, in The House That Fear Built, waiting for servants to bring that chocolate martini that will never arrive.

If such a nuclear/terrorists/asteroid-related disaster befalls the Earth, those left to die instantly on the surface of the planet will be the lucky ones.

Want to see how the world ends? Take a video tour:

Via BornRich