$0.69 is the new price to beat for iPad stands

Andrew Devigal, multimedia editor for The New York Times, is a far braver man that I. Why? He's entrusting the safety of his $500+ iPad to a $0.69 business card holder from Office Depot. It isn't the disparity in price that gets me — there's just something about seeing the iPad perched on that small piece of plastic that makes me nervous.

It seems to be working for Devigal, though:

Of course, this isn't made for the iPad. So don't expect the stability you'd want from rough handling or turbulence on a flight. And when used in tilt mode for on-screen keyboard typing, the curved top and smooth surface don't really give enough traction to prevent from the occasional slippage. I ended up putting some gaffers tape to improve the friction.

He certainly could have done worse for less than $1. Besides, I'm sure Devigal's iPhone appreciates the change, as it had the ominous duty before the business card holder.

Andrew Devigal, via Unplggd, via Gizmodo