World's oldest 'flying car' goes to the auction block

It's hard to decide if Frank Skroback's 1934 creation is a plane that drives like a car, or a car that's supposed to soar like a plane, but it's considered the oldest known "roadable aircraft" — which we guess is the '30s version of a flying car. The vehicle is going to be put on sale later this month at Red Baron's Antiques in Atlanta, and it's not just some gimmick novelty. While it most certainly won't fly, Skroback really did take a stab at the whole idea, and the plane-car will sell with blueprints, extensive documentation, the 1921 patent and even a record of Skroback trying to sell it himself.

The craft may require the winning bidder to expand their garage, however, as it's 21 feet long and seven feet wide. Even if you could get Skroback's machine off the ground, you probably shouldn't — it has no real control solution once its airborne. Best to be content turning every head as you head to the grocery store.

If you do happen to be in Atlanta on March 13th or 14th, you could put a bid yourself for the oldest known flying (or not) car in the world.

Red Baron's Antiques, via Wired