Wireless projector of the future looks like a female flying saucer

Just a we've always wanted: a carbon fiber 1080p projector that looks like it might be built To Serve Man. Designer David Riesenberg has the right idea, though — he wants his creation to be completely wireless, running long enough for a lengthy movie on lithium-ion battery power, and then charging with one measly wire.

The designer specifies a tiny player with a solid-state drive inside this compact package, connected to the network with Wi-Fi. Hey David, might we suggest wireless power along with wireless HDMI to accompany this futuristic design? If that were the case, we'd want one of these right now, but we're not going to go looking for pricing or availability information yet, because this is merely a design concept thus far.

Nevertheless, thanks Mr. Riesenberg for a peek into the future, perhaps showing us what projectors will look like by 2015. We'll welcome that, because there's nothing quite like watching a projected movie in a darkened home theater. It's the atmosphere, dear reader.

Take a look at the designer's relaxing video, where motorized tripod legs are revealed as the camera caresses this yellow projector's comely curves:

Via Yanko Design