Whoa! Zaha Hadid designs another spectacular, spacey building

Pritzker-winning architect Zaha Hadid has done it again, this time with the craziest shopping center ever. While it looks otherworldly, Jesolo Magica will exist here on earth in its complete form by 2014. Located just outside Venice, Italy, inside this building will be lots of shopping and drinking and eating establishments, a health club, meeting space, and even offices and a hotel.

While such a spectacular structures dazzle the eye, building such curves and unusual shapes is exorbitantly expensive. We're wondering if that 2014 completion date might slip a bit, especially in light of the economic problems all over the world.

Look at the gallery below and see if you can recognize Hadid's theme of petals of a flower, all opening up into a large central space.

Via Dezeen