Want to sell: jetpack, $75,000

Rocketeers, rejoice! That Martin Aircraft Company jetpack we've been teasing you about for a while is going to be produced at a rate of 500 units a year and sold. For a cool $75,000, you're looking at a 200-horsepower, dual propeller flying machine, one that reaches heights of nearly 8,000 feet and cruises along at 60 miles per hour. With a range of 30 miles on one tank of fuel, it's perfect for trips to the grocery store!

Also, fun for your neighbors: weighing in at less than 254 pounds means that Martin jetpacks don't require a pilot's license to operate. Who thought that was a good idea? (That could just be for the UK, however. Any pilots out there know what the minimum is in America?)

Just in case you hit your head pretty hard and forgot how awesome jetpacks are, check out the video below. Dude's flying! Seriously, I could watch this all damn day.

Telegraph, via GOOD, via LikeCool