VirtuSphere, the American Gladiators ball meets virtual reality

We heard about the VirtuSphere a long, long time ago, but back then it was some mysterious ball-shaped cage from Russia with vaguely threatening military men standing in it. Now? It's a lot less mysterious, and has decidedly less menacing video game reporters standing in it.

The VirtuSphere, being displayed for the first time in a major way at the Game Developers Conference currently wrapping up in San Fransisco, is designed to make virtual reality more immersive by giving the player a way to walk through the game world continuously and uninhibited. The massive ball remains stationary so you don't need to worry about rolling around the room, and it was being shown off in conjunction with a first person shooter, which had the player wearing goggles and holding a gun controller. Who knows how virtual and immersive it all gets, though, because I don't think I'd be able to get past thinking "Oh man, I'm in a giant ball right now!"

Wait, what? "Virtual reality?" You kids aren't still waiting for that to happen, these days? Back when I was growing up, it was the cat's pajamas.

Check it out in the video below, courtesy of Joystiq.

Via Joystiq