Toshiba made a cute robotic butler — meet 'Wheelie'

Whenever Toshiba dabbles in the world of robotics, the results are pretty interesting. Case in point: the ApriPoko we showed you a while back, which acts as a remote control for your whole house as well as a life assistant in general.

Now the company is showing off another robot, "Wheelie," and it's as quirky as you'd expect. While it doesn't have arms to clean up your room and do your dishes, what it does have is an uncanny sense of Segway-inspired balance and a head that is perfect for resting plates on. That's right, next time you have a posh dinner party, you can let your robot serve the guests (you know, as you help it — again, no arms). Details are unfortunately scarce beyond what you can tell by looking at it, such as how it decides where it goes and navigates the room, but we're certainly ready to fill our lives with more of whatever robots Toshiba wants to dream up.

Check out Wheelie in action in the video below.

Plastic Pals, via CrunchGear