Take a pill, remember everything?

Those pillmeisters with their crazy inventions — will they think of next? Now drug scientists have stumbled upon a special protein that might be able to give humans the ability to remember things for months instead of minutes.

Researchers discovered that RGS14 protein works beautifully on mice, remembering objects they've encountered for two months, where normally they forget about them in an hour. But keep in mind, while mice have biology similar to humans, assuming that success with mice translates to humans often ends in disappointment.

Sure, we'd like to remember many things much longer, but there are too many others we'd like to forget. But isn't it a compelling story, a magic pill that gives you a photographic memory? Ah, Big Pharm, what wonders you do with those mountains of windfall profits! Unfortunately for us, happiness and fulfillment don't come in the form of a pill, and you don't need to ask your doctor about that.

Via Gizmodo