Stop the noise: alarm clock wakes you with simulated sunlight

Sick and tired of that dissonant alarm that scares us out of bed every morning, we're looking for a more natural way to ease into the day. That's the aim of the Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Sleep System, easing you into morning with simulated sunlight.

At bedtime the clock also lets you drift off to sleep as its light progressively dims, and you can choose one of its many soothing sounds to go with it. Aiming to please, the unit lets you plug a lamp into the back of it for even more brightness, and it has an FM radio, an aux port for your MP3 player, and enough memory space for 800 MP3s.

When we saw it at the recent Green Products Expo, the unit's solid build quality and clean design reminded us of a Tivoli radio. Still, we're taken aback by its $249 price.

Via Verilux