Spectacular photos, anyone? GigaPan is here to help

Remember that gigantic 1,472-megapixel panorama of the presidential inauguration last year? You could zoom into individual people in the enormous image, taken by a GigaPan robotic mount and blended together by GigaPan Stitch software. Now there are three versions of this way-cool robot mount, the $349 Epic and $449 Epic 100 are for smaller SLRs and point-and-shoot cameras, while the $895 Epic Pro is for heavy DSLRs with big lenses.

An adjustable timer lets you determine how often images are captured, and after each shot is taken, the moving mount changes its position according to your instructions. This would not only be perfect for large-scale multi-gigapixel panoramas, but would also be a worthy companion for panning time-lapse shots.

Photography Bay, via Ubergizmo