Sofa or backpack: you make the call

First glance at this sofa and you're wondering if the designers will share what they're smoking. Now, I love just about everything created by backpack and bag designer Eastpak, but have they gone too far? This pocket-packed couch was created by Eastpak and designers Quinze & Milan to hold just about anything. Kind of like cargo pants for your living room.

Think about it: what do you have lying on or near your sofa at any given time? Remotes, phones, magazines, books, headphones, gaming gear, bottle opener, tissues, snacks, laptops, small children - anything. How much clutter can you tuck away? Actually, I think I might rather have clutter than this in my house, but could it be that I'm just afraid if I had one, I would never leave my sofa? Handy and handsome, or just plain fugly?

Via Unplggd