Sexiest oven ever turns your kitchen into fantasyland

Ancient European appliancist Gaggenau wanted to make its Single line of thin triple ovens sexier, so it figured, why not employ the services of Miss Switzerland 2008, Whitney Toyloy? But that's just the beginning. If you don't care for this flying-through-Manhattan-in-a-blur/Bladerunner look, you can choose the Manhattan skyline, Eiffel Tower, or the Colosseum in Rome.

Gaggenau goes way beyond that. It's teamed up with the Martigny Design Group of Switzerland to bring you dramatic modern Swiss art on the front of its sleek products, turning your kitchen into a surrealistic fantasyland, pictured in the gallery below. That'll certainly freak out your guests.

After making your kitchen look crazy, might we suggest a similar treatment for your bathroom tiles and garage?

Via Appliancist