Screwing in light bulbs may be a thing of the past

How many companies does it take to snap-in an LED light bulb? Two, apparently. California's Bridgelux is looking to marry its LED bulbs with a snap-in interconnect system made by Molex of Illinois, and designed by both outfits. The snap-in system will not only make installation easier, but also swapping out LEDs with bigger, brighter and more efficient bulbs in the future.

It's called the Helieon system, and it'll debut in May, when it'll be peddled to lighting manufacturers and installers as a better way to do things over the traditional screw-in bulb. LEDs may last a billion years, but they still aren't the most cost-effective forms of lighting all around — something the Helieon will help improve on, according to Bridgelux's CEO. "Solid state lighting is poised to displace conventional incandescent, fluorescent and other technologies in many high-volume general lighting applications," CEO Bill Watkins said in a statement, and making LED lighting easier to install and cheaper to package and produce is a big step toward those ends.

If LED lighting did take over, there could come a time when you no longer screw in a light bulb, but snap it in instead.

Bridgelux, via CNET