Samsung 3D glasses now 'stylish,' still crazy expensive

Last time we saw Samsung's shutter shades, we balked at the price. Now? Well, at least Samsung is going for a few different looks rather than just pushing out a bunch of generic 3D glasses like the kind you get at the theater.

Up top you can see the four different styles Samsung is going with. Down and left is the $150 SSG-2100ABs, which were what Samsung showed off early. Up and left is the more expensive, more conservative-looking $200 SSG-2200ARs, and to the right are his-or-her 2100ABs, which go for $180. Both pairs on the left are battery powered, while the colored 2100ABs feature rechargeable batteries.

They're all available for pre-order at Amazon right now, and you can find them by following the links above. There's also a 3D Starter Kit you can get with two pairs of SSG-2100ABs for $350.

3D Display Info, via Engadget