Roger Ebert gets his voice back, shows it off on Oprah

Film critic Roger Ebert lost a portion of his jaw as well as his ability to speak — though not his ability to be vocal — after a long battle with papillary thyroid cancer. Since then he's used a series of computer voice synthesizers to talk, but those voice snyths don't sound like him.

Now, one does. Scottish-based CereProc, which specializes in voice synthesizers that have accents from around the world — the company even simulated the unique speech patterns of former President George W. Bush — has recreated Roger Ebert's voice using samples from the critic's many DVD audio commentaries. For CereProc, it's the company's most ambitious voice synthesizer yet.

With his wife Chaz at his side, Ebert appeared on Oprah yesterday to test out the voice and deliver his Oscar picks. Check it out in the video below.

Via Popular Science and Engadget