Attention all trout: Fear the RC Fishing Boat

Fishing, one of the oldest and simplest of pastimes, has gone high-tech in a fun way. If you've ever gone fishing, you know without a doubt that the fish are always biting just "over there." Unless you're an expert fisherman, casting your rod to exactly the right place can also be a challenge.

This remote-controlled Fishing Boat from Chinavision ($142) will putter out to where the fish are, and then drop your bait into the water, literally with the hook, line and sinker. The tiny boat can carry a impressive payload of about 4 pounds, run at speeds up to 4 knots, and will run for 4 hours on the built-in rechargeable battery. It even has LED running lights.

What a great idea: combine remote-controlled boating and fishing into one fun sport.

Chinavision via Red Ferret