Power Gig, a guitar-based game that teaches you to play

We've all played Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but how many of us have come away with any further knowledge about the fundamentals of guitar playing? Maybe the interest, sure, but none of the foundation. A new gaming start-up, Seven45 Studios, is looking to change all that with Power Gig: Rise of the Sixstring.

As the name implies, you'll be using a six-string guitar to play songs in the game instead of a controller basically shaped like one. When not plugged into an Xbox 360, the Power Gig controller will actually work with standard guitar amps and strum like you'd expect.

Flip the peripheral's dampening trigger into place, however, and the strings will lock into place and all the sudden you've got yourself a video game controller, using colored strips along the side of the neck that correspond with chords the game wants you to play. The strings can even be unlocked, and the game will demand more of you, wanting to play both the proper chord and string.

Power Gig isn't the perfected guitar sim Seven45 Studios seems ultimately keen to produce as it won't actually teach you to read music, but it will get you playing a real guitar, and getting a feel for it. The game is still in its early stages and information such as price and the release date are still forthcoming.

Via Joystiq