Poll: Apple iPad pre-orders start — you buyin'?

We're a little divided when it comes to Apple's iPad here at DVICE HQ. Some of us, like myself, are a little skeptical at how well it'll bridge the market between handsets and laptops (I say laptop instead of netbook, because the iPad is riding pretty close to the latter in functionality). Then again, if the iPad gets the multitasking capabilities that's rumored to be heading to the iPhone, suddenly the whole package is a lot more attractive to me.

The other side of this story has been voiced by our Editor-in-Chief Peter Pachal, who is very interested in the iPad. The gist? He's attracted to the near-netbook functionality the iPad features while offering portability and ease-of-use that's closer to the iPhone.

So where do you stand, dear reader? Are you already furiously entering in your details to secure an iPad for yourself, or are you — like me — on the fence? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to hit up our poll below.

Both the Wi-Fi and 3G flavors are available for pre-order, though your 3G iPad won't be arriving until later in April, whereas the Wi-Fi version lands on April 3rd.

Apple Store, via Electronista