PlayStation 3 network catastrophe caused by consoles' clocks

If you're not the proud owner of one of Sony's newer PlayStation 3 Slim systems, then there's a good chance you ran into "Error 8001050F" and couldn't play your PS3 at all. Well, there's good news: Sony's given the all clear and you shouldn't have any more problems.

So, wonder what caused it all? Apparently, in a Y2K-like twist, the clock on the older PlayStation 3 consoles was the culprit. This time, however, it wasn't the end of a millennia, but a leap year. Instead of rolling over to March 1st, 2010, older PS3s instead thought it was February 29th. The erroneous date didn't jive with the PlayStation Network servers — which must do a date check of some sort to keep things honest — and as such the offending consoles were locked out.

Were you affected? Sony warned that players who tried to use older consoles during the downtime could have experienced weird glitches, including a loss of trophy or save data. Here's hoping it didn't happen to you, dear reader.

Via Register Hardware