Palm-sized keyboard works like a laptop in your hand

Home theater keyboards continue to evolve, and each iteration seems to get more practical. This $92 (or is it $49?) 6-inch-wide Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard fits in the palm of your hand, and features handy LED backlit keys for use in darkened environments, rechargeable batteries, and a just-big-enough touchpad. You don't need to point it directly at your computer, because it wirelessly communicates with a USB receiver you plug into the PC. And what's that? A laser pointer? Perhaps that's getting overly helpful, Brando.

Nevertheless, now we're getting somewhere. Keyboards are a must when using a computer in the home theater, and this could be the next incremental improvement. TiVo had the right idea, this week rolling out its new remote with that slide-out keyboard for its Series 4 models. If we could combine that TiVo remote technology with this Rii device, we might be getting close to the perfect PC controller for home theater.

Via Brando