The O Kitchen has everything including the kitchen sink

As a Manhattan apartment dweller, I love ideas that let you squeeze the maximum utility out of a tiny space, but I'm not sure if the O Kitchen hits the mark. Basically, it's a giant sphere that unfolds to reveal a complete working kitchen, including a dishwasher, microwave, sink, and refrigerator.

While the renderings all make it look very pretty, I don't see any counterspace for actually preparing the food, and when it's folded up, you still have a giant 7 foot ball sitting in the middle of your apartment. If all you plan to do is to heat up frozen dinners, surely a little microwave in the corner would do the trick.

Still, the Brazilian design team are pretty excited about it using lines like: "This inedited (sic) and compacted form with a high appeal of perfect combination between design and functionality composes the futurist tone of this promising project that pursuits the status of sensation and desire of every gourmet:"

Whatever you say., via Unplggd