Norton lists cybercrime hotspots: change your passwords now

Most people are pretty good at guessing which cities rank highest in crime. But, how well does your hometown do when it comes to cybercrime? When I think about criminals, I think about shady characters lurking in dark alleys. Turns out, cybercriminals might be hanging out at the original Starbucks in Seattle.

According to a new report by online security giant Symantec, creator of Norton, Seattle ranked number one, by a huge margin as the riskiest online city, followed by Boston, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Not exactly cities you imagine to be hotbeds of criminal activity. The report looked at the amount of spam, malware attacks, infected computers, and the levels of Internet access and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Here's the list:
1.) Seattle
2.) Boston
3.) Washington, D.C.
4.) San Francisco
5.) Raleigh, N.C.
6.) Atlanta
7.) Minneapolis
8.) Denver
9.) Austin, Texas
10.) Portland, Ore.

Did your city make the list? What are you doing to stay safe online?

Symantec via CNET
Image by Daniel Schwen