Mysterious Asian iPad clone runs Windows 7, available now

Well here's your head-scratcher for the morning: Chinese gadget website Shop Kami, which is kind of like the Mos Eisley of tech shopping, has a multiouch, 3G tablet computer running Windows 7 available now. Yes, now. It's called the Ezy Tablet, and no amount of coffee right now is going to make its existence make sense. Especially since all the pictures of it look like renderings done by a college student.

Stack up the Ezy Tablet to the iPad: 10.4 inches to the iPad's 9.7, a 1.6 gigabyte Atom processor found in many netbooks (iPad: the 1 gig, custom-tailored A4), 2 gigs of RAM upgradable to 4 (no official figure, but probably in the ballpark), and a 250 gig hard drive (a more tablet-appropriate flash drive, with up to 64 gigs capacity). The Ezy also has some things the iPad doesn't, such as three actual USB ports — the iPad only has a physical 30-pin connector, then requires you to use an adapter for either a USB port or an SD slot — and the Ezy also has a webcam built-in.

Looking at those specs, though, the Ezy probably runs a lot like a current generation netbook. Read: a little sluggish. Combine that will all the extra stuff it's trying to do, and you have to wonder how well it all works.

Still, it's available now. $680 for the base model, which includes 3G, though, curiously, if you read the fine print, doesn't include Windows 7. It'll be $860 for an Ezy with that. You can also buy them in bulk — if you buy 25 of them or more you can score each Ezy for a mere $52, apparently. Buyer beware, of course.

Shop Kami, via Chip Chick