Kindle adding color e-books (for the iPad and the like)

We know many of you prefer the Kindle for its e-ink screen that's easier on the eyes, but that same screen prevents the Kindle from being able to offer e-books in color. Who needs color, though, right? Well, tablet users, apparently, and Amazon isn't missing a beat as the company offers app versions of its e-book store across as many platforms as it can.

With the "Kindle App for Tablet Computers," you'll get an experience that's more visually snappy than what's offered on Amazon's e-reader, with a full-color book browser, color photos in books and a more complex way for the user to interact with an e-book's page, curling a page up before you turn the page, much like we've already seen demoed on the iPad with its own iBookstore.

If you're already a Kindle owner, you'll also be able to synch your Kindle up with your future tablet, transferring over your bookmarks, annotations and even where you stopped reading — regardless of the changing page numbers between formats.

As an aside, interesting "feature" at the end of this bullet point on Amazon's official page: "Get the best reading experience available on your tablet computer including the iPad. No Kindle required." (Emphasis ours.)

Amazon, via Electronista