Internet Explorer 9 adds HTML5, drops Windows XP

Good news for fans of Microsoft's in-house browser (but bad news for folks who still use XP): the next iteration of Internet Explorer adds a slew of attractive features, and gets ready for a more attractive web overall.

The good news: Internet Explorer 9 will add support for HTML5, which really is a no-brainer considering it'll be one of the new standards on the net, and allow for the browser to run more complicated video and graphical elements. IE9 is also getting hardware acceleration, meaning more resources to work with for a speedier browser overall. A new JavaScript engine will do the same, making sites such as Gmail more responsive.

The bad news: XP users are going to be left behind, as Microsoft has made it official that IE9 will not support Windows XP.

You can try out an early test build of IE9 for yourself here.

Via Gizmodo